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We specialise in high quality precision sharpening of scissors & clipper blades in the equine, hairdressing, pet grooming, veterinary & agricultural industries. Sharpening & repairs can be carried out at your location in our mobile workshop.


Having been directly involved in the grooming industry through his wife's business of 20 years.

Mark has gained in-depth knowledge in this field, allowing him to know what is required by groomers to achieve their desired results.

With the experience of working on many makes of clippers and sharpening various styles of scissors, he is able to offer a high standard of repairs and sharpening.

Hairdressing and Barbering

Mark's training involved the sharpening of high-end beauty scissors, incorporating "Japanese" style sharpening techniques using flat hones (not grinders), whetstones and strops. This results in an extremely sharp and highly polished convex edge scissor. "German" style bevelled edge scissors are also sharpened in a similar manner to achieve the same results.

Clipper and trimmer servicing and blade sharpening is also available for both hollow and flat ground blade types.



Mark has considerable experience working in the shearing manufacturing industry which enhanced his knowledge of shearing equipment repairs and sharpening whilst working within a very dedicated team.

He has the knowledge to rebuild and set mechanical shearing handpieces and electric handpieces, both corded and cordless. Mark offers repairs to a wide variety of manufacturers' equipment.

Comb and cutters are also sharpened at very competitive prices.

New and reconditioned handpieces now available - Call Mark for details 07549 214773



Mark's knowledge of the Equine clipping field has been gained from many years of making repairs and sharpening clippers & blades in Canada, where he frequently worked alongside handlers at shows. This knowledge is carried over to the UK which allows for a fast and efficient turnaround of repairs and sharpening services to your equipment.



Servicing and repairs are offered to branded makes of clippers both corded and cordless. Either with clipper head/blade assembly or shearing head/comb and cutter assembly.

Both styles of blades can be sharpened correctly ensuring the "hollow" is in the correct position on the blade to achieve an optimum cut.


Tailoring / Dressmaking Shears

Tailoring and dressmaking shears can be unique in their edge angles, depending on manufacturer and design purpose.

Before sharpening, edge angles are assessed and resharpened to manufacturers' specifications, thus achieving an optimum cutting performance for the user.


Generic Sharpening

In addition to specialised trade equipment Mark also offers sharpening and repair of garden tools, knives and rotary lawn mower blades etc. (not saws).

Please ask for pricing prior to work. Due to the large amounts of "cheap" Chinese goods available for purchase, some repairs may not be cost-effective for the owner.



Service and sales of all good quality equipment is priced competitively. Prices quoted exclude VAT

Please note: Parts for the repair of non-branded makes of equipment may not be readily available. Be cautious when purchasing cheaper unknown makes and models online.

Paradigm Sharpening is located near West Burton in the Yorkshire Dales & offer a personal, and competitively priced, professional service. We also offer a mobile service where sharpening & repairs can be carried out at your location in our mobile workshop.

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